Woman to Woman Writers Moments

It all began with the Book Transpoter, and ended up in high spirit between two South African authors, Felicity Keats and Barba Strydom. Barbara met the book transporter, and within the books was ‘Dancing Pencils‘, a book by Felicity Keats, Barbara wasted no time, but secured the book .

Book transporter with Barbara

During the ‘Spirit of Light’ event by Dr Nokugcina Mhlophhe, Barbara was one of the guest speakers. Felicity and Mr Ayanda Hlabisa, Mr Detlev Diegel were accompanying Felicity as Dancing Pencils Board-members. Barbara recognised the name when Gcina Mhlophe acknowledged Felicity and Dancing Pencils. She approached Felicity and introduced the story about the Book Transporter. This made their day, both of them were happy to unexpectedly meet.

The book of wonders

“Greetings Felicity it is Anthea the host of the 4th Annual Global AfriCAN Author’s Awards 2021 I trust you are well. Barbara is my Feed A Mind Ambassador and we were together on the day of buying your book from the Book Transporter 🤣. I would like to call you tomorrow and talk about the Honouree Awards on the 31st July 2021 and I would like to serve you on my birthday. Stay warm and safe. Love, peace and light always 🔥💐🌟” Barbara Strydom wrote.

“(Wow look at the above post! How exciting! It relates to this photo of the Book Transporter and Barbara Strydom who bought my book Dancing Pencils from this heavily laden man.”~ Felicity Keats Morrison


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