Young Dancing Pencils Writers Talk to Genevieve Lanka on Lotus FM


SABC’s Lotus FM Radio invited Felicity Keats to bring three young authors onto their live talk show on Saturday 24th March. This was the end of Library Week, and books dominated the scene. These young authors are all proteges of Veena Gangaram’s Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs.

Kereena Bhana and Joseanne Capeolo were from the BAT Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club and Swastika Badassy was a member of the Parkside Junior Dancing Pencils Writing Club which Veena has run at her school for 10 years.

All three young authors launched their books at the Cape Town Book Fair last year. This was their first time to be in a news room with microphones and a red light to say when they were on air. The young ladies spoke very well, and the hour talk show ended with each of them reading a favourite paragraph from one of the books they have written.  This is great experience for young authors.

Most exciting was to find that Genevieve Lanka who is from Lotus Radio, herself got published by Felicity in 1998 when Engen asked Felicity to run a right brain writing project for 13 primary schools on Durban’s Bluff. Genevieve clearly remembers the workshop and says that being published set her on her present course as a radio presenter.


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