Young Lance (10) keeps Writing During Lockdown

Young Lance Martegoutte who is 10 years old has written a series of 13 stories that will be in an anthology called The Legend of Mr Owl. Here he is with his stories and with his mother Kirsten who read the stories for me to hear. Well done Lance who is also a great trumpeter!

Lance displaying some of his stories
Lance and his mother reading Lance’s story.

First Book He Published was ‘The Adventure of James and Scamper’.

This was reviewed by different local newspaper, including his own school newsletter. He’s attending Highbury Preparatory School, a private school for boys located in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal. Lance is now in grade 4. He was so proud witness her teacher, Mrs Willows read the book to the FP boys in Chapel for his ‘book launch’ late in August, 2020.


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