Benefits of Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs


vendaCollageDancing Pencils Writing Clubs run by trained right brain mentors, give young people an opportunity to test their ideas in a safe environment.

The right brain taps into the entire universe – past, present and future – and also unearths trauma and secrets within a person. This process is therapeutic and presents  aspirant writers with great material for stories.

On the 15 November 2015, three  Dancing Pencils Writing Clubs attended  a workshop run by Felicity Keats on right brain novel writing.

Felicity explains that she would like to see more novels coming from rural writing clubs whose writers have already been published in an anthology.

A small audience was present to listen to the writers read from their latest anthologies and to enjoy performances by the clubs. Khulabebekhu from Umbumbulu had a wonderful Praise Poet, and Newlands East High had great isiZulu dancers. Here are some pictures taken that day.

Performances by clubs

Performances by clubs


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