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Mind for ChangeMind for Change

Felicity Keats and Mariam Akabor

ISBN 978-1-4309-0644-5   

R150 plus VAT

Scientific research has shown that the first three years of a child’s life is crucial to the development of their personalities and their cognitive abilities. Positive early experiences contribute to healthy bodies and intellect. Research also shows that very young children are right-brain dominant but as they grow older, they become left-brain dominant.

In Mind for Change, which is geared for parents, ECD practitioners, and teachers, Felicity Keats and Mariam Akabor, explain the importance of early childhood development (ECD) and by teaching children how to use their right brains, they can find success in any path that they choose.

By embracing a positive attitude, free of criticism, babies, toddlers, young children, and teens, can transform the society that they live in.

Mind for Change explains the Right Brain Method of unlocking creativity and discusses success stories of many children in South Africa whose lives have been transformed.


cover final-page-flat9Flat 9

ISBN 978-1-86900-728-7

Marian Akabor

R80 plus VAT

In the heart of Grey Street in Central Durban stands a dilapidated old building called AK Mansions. Since 1902 when the first batch of tenants moved in, and up until today, the building exudes a communal atmosphere. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, the tenants of AK Mansions are never short of excitement, drama or pain. Everyone knows everybody and their stories.



musaTested to Testify

Musa Gumede

ISBN 978-1-4309-0633-9   

Spring Special price R100

Musa was born and grew up at Umzumbe near Port Shepstone. He believes that the highest education he has received in this world is the education of life where circumstances taught him and built him to be the person he is today. This book illustrated the challenges that people normally face in life and end up being consumed by those challenges..

This book reminds people about the capabilities they have to overcome challenges and be stronger. these tests of life can be the good testimonies for the new person to know that there is a brighter life after any challenge. What you need is to keep your head up high. This book provides a wide range of encouragement and advice for different situations you may be dealing with. It will help you to cope and succeed so that you can Testify about your Test

To tumble in the presence of any difficult situation is not what is needed from you but to think and confess the words of conquerors during the time of adversities will make you a conqueror.


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