Right-brain Writing

Our brains have two halves and these two parts function in different ways. The left brain side of the brain is rational, perfectionistic and logical. The right side of the brain is imaginative,   intuitive, creative and lateral. Creative writing entails accessing the right side of the brain.

To encourage the right brain, attention is given to freeing the imagination. The inner critic, with its need to “get things right”, is cast aside.  Permission is given to ”just writing.” There is no judging and criticizing of content, handwriting, spelling and punctuation. This frees the individual from the blockages of “ought to’s” and surprising material is expressed. People are also encouraged to illustrate their own stories. The right brain has different knowledge from the left brain, and is healing and therapeutic.

People learn how to use their whole brain, and realise the importance of not judging themselves. Many children are the more right-brain types that have difficulty doing regular left-brain, rote- learning school activity. This method affirms and nurtures the potential of the natural artist – it enhances the development of song writers, play writers, poets, artists and authors. It also builds self-esteem and confidence in the aspiring writer. The right brain also has problem solving abilities and is a happy, positive side of a person.